Human Design: your key to thriving?

Could your key to thriving be human design as its unique knowledge system that combines science with spirituality. It embodies both Eastern and Western perspectives, as well as traditional and modern sciences.

Human Design: your key to thriving?


What is Human Design

Human Design is your Soul’s energetic blueprint to living life on purpose. It’s like your very own personal manual to thrive in this material world.

“If you allow someone to be who they are and they allow you to be who you are, then that’s love. Anything else is torture.”


This knowledge system is where science meets spirituality. It encompasses five miniature systems – The I Ching, Astrology, Kabbalah, Hindu-Brahmin chakra system and quantum physics. It’s a revolutionary system that maps your personal energy field, giving precise and profound insight into the energetic makeup of your conscious and unconscious mind.

Although complex, it has been found to be an accurate and practical resource to use in your everyday life.

Why Human Design?

Human Design helps us discover who we are at a soul level and understand:

  • who we came here to be in this lifetime and our unique gifts
  • how our energy is naturally designed to interact with the world around us
  • where we have been conditioned by beliefs, society or events
  • the path back to our natural, authentic self and how to live in our own unique energetic correctness.

Human Design busts the myths that there is a ‘right’ way to do life. It is the science of differentiation – none of us are the same.

How can Human Design help me?

Personally I have found learning Human Design to be eye-opening in not only understanding myself further but others too. It is like learning how we are hard-wired underneath all the stories we have been told and tell ourselves. 

It opens our minds and hearts to other ways of being. It liberates us from concepts, beliefs and conditions we have stored (consciously and unconsciously) about how we must be. And instead of being ridiculed, scorned or misunderstood for not complying or living within the conforms of society or family, it allows us to simply be and enjoy the beauty of our own design, knowing that our differences are worth celebrating rather than in need of fixing.

The two biggest take-aways people have when first learning their own Human Design, is their Strategy and Authority. These are the tools that help you make decisions in line with who you are. 

“When you start studying Human Design you feel an intense sense of permission to be yourself.”


What is your strategy?

According to Human Design there are four energy types plus one hybrid:

Each of these energy types have a certain aura and strategy – which is basically how we interact and exchange energy with the people and world around us. 

Your Strategy is what you must do to move forward in alignment with energy type, it’s how you “win” in life. The strategy types are:

  • Manifestors: Initiate and inform before taking action to find peace and avoid anger.
  • Generators: Wait to respond (as opposed to initiate like a Manifestor) and through response find satisfaction and avoid frustration.
  • Manifesting Generators: A combination of those above. 
  • Projectors: Wait for recognition and invitation to find success and avoid bitterness.
  • Reflectors: Wait a lunar cycle before making decisions to find clarity and surprise and less disappointment in life. 

What is your Authority

Your Authority is your dominant inner guidance system, it is how you make decisions. It is designed to be used in conjunction with your Strategy. 

You know those sayings when making decisions like :

  • “What does your gut say”  
  • “What does that little voice say” 
  • “Does it feel/sound right”?

Well it turns out that these don’t work on an energetic level for everyone! There are actually seven different types of Authorities in Human Design and only one that truly works for you. 

Learning your Authority is one thing but learning to trust it and act on it (if you don’t already) is another. 

Take for instance: 

I am a Manifesting Generator with a Sacral Authority. It’s not great for me to make certain commitments for dates in the future… but before knowing this, I often found myself to be anxious and nervous about doing so. 

Not only that but because I liked to please others and avoid unpleasant conversations, I would often ignore my gut instinct (an instant yes or no response) and say what I thought they would like to hear… often leading to anger and frustration. And worst anxiety attacks prior to the commitment because my body was saying the opposite but I would continually override it to do what was socially acceptable – be polite, respectful and do the “right” thing.

This was life-changing! It took two years from me learning this information to actually seeing how it played out in my life and changing my learnt response. I’ll admit I’m still working on it but the one time I was brave enough to say “yes” to me in this instance, was enough to make me realise the stress it causes long-term far outweighed the short-term stress of a potential, uncomfortable conversation. 

How was Human Design created?

My grandfather was a cabinetmaker back in his day, and I remember him telling me that he would dream of his creations and then make them happen. Similar to The Beatles, during their meditation sessions music would just be channelled through and they would write the most beautiful songs coming out. Human Design comes from similar beginnings

Ra Uru Hu (born Robert Allan Krakower) who had walked away from his former life and moved to the Island of Ibiza in the 1980’s, heard a “Voice” one evening. And for the following eight days and nights he transcribed what he heard into a 400-page textbook. This is what came to be known as the Human Design System. 

Yes, a little mystical in its beginnings but don’t be fooled by any skepticism you hold. Generate your own Human Design chart and see for yourself how spookily accurate the information can be, it is honestly one of the most liberating exercises you can come across. 

What is a Human Design Chart?

A chart is simply the unique energetic imprint based on the location, time and date of birth. It is the information that you read to understand your Human Design. 

In its simplest form, you will see a chart (graphic illustration) that consists of nine energy centres connected by gates and channels. However underneath this lies the data from the combination of the five miniature systems mentioned earlier.

It’s an interesting little graphic that can seem overwhelming at first glance, which is why you will find Human Design Readers across the globe who can help analyse and interpret the chart for you. 

How does Human Design work?

Human Design is simply a knowledge system that allows you to deepen your understanding of who you are and the way you are with the world around you.

You do not need to do or become anything. 

It’s a self-awareness tool that allows us to remove the layers that have been placed upon us and step into our true, authentic, beautiful selves. 

How do I find out my Human Design?

You can access your free chart here and discover your design for a basic understanding. 

However if you really want to dive deep and understand your Human Design, I highly recommend getting a personalised reading. You can either spend years figuring out how to use this new found awareness in your life or lean into the experience of others… 

When you are new to Human Design it’s kind of like you are using a torch to read over your blueprint – you can see some parts but others are blurry, missing in action and you can’t quite figure it out…

You can feel really frustrated, let down and overwhelmed. So instead of putting your new found information into a locked drawer, you can ask for support. And when you do, it’s like Angels singing and the sun comes out to shine it’s light, so you can see the whole picture.

You don’t need to struggle through this. 

I love helping women make sense of who they are, their learnings, their blueprints and supporting them in their deconditioning, personal growth and coming alive

So if you are ready to discover who you really are and have your own personal manual on how to thrive in this world, then book your Human Design Reading with me today. Or if you would love to know more we have a range of articles Here. 




Amy Doyle

Holistic Counsellor

Amy helps her clients move from this idea that they are broken or missing pieces of their own puzzle, to owning their story, claiming back all parts of themselves and merging together as one team to allow them to rest and be in their deepest expression.

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