Human Design

Human Design is a revolutionary system that maps your personal energy field, giving you precise and profound insight into who you are. It is a unique energetic imprint that provides complex, accurate and practical information to use in your everyday life. 

“If you allow someone to be who they are and they allow you to be who you are, then that’s love. Anything else is torture.” Ra Uru Hu

What do I get from a Human Design reading?​

Let’s take a look inside...

A better understanding of yourself

Ever found yourself asking:

  • Who am I?
  • What’s my purpose/role in life?
  • What’s good/different about me?

Human Design can help you on your quest to get to know and understand yourself better! It shows you how you are hard-wired underneath all the stories you have been told and tell yourself. 

Human Design is the ultimate permission slip to be UNIQUELY you!  It outlines your purpose, key roles and characteristics, learning style, needs and fears, how you see yourself vs how others see you, how to release judgements and expectations of yourself and others, how to generate more vitality and so much more. 

An innate strategy and decision-making model for life

Ever felt like you’re pushing sh!t up hill? Or wondered why some things have worked easily and others not so much? Why you experience certain emotions or roadblocks over and over again? 

Human Design will show you how to move through life with more ease and less resistance; and how these reoccurring emotions can be signature indicators of when you are living in alignment with your Soul’s path and when you are not. 

It also tells you how to make energetically-correct decisions based on your innate authority system – and why listening to your gut or following your heart isn’t for everyone! 


Your curriculum for this life

We all come into this world with gifts, strengths and challenges. Human Design brings light to these so you can see just how uniquely different you are – and why you are needed to show up as your Authentic Self in this world. 

It highlights your authentic path, your life lessons and how you can get knocked off course by the conditioning of society, childhood upbringing, beliefs and challenging events. 

If you have noticed that you are attracting the same challenging situations or people into your life, Human Design can open your eyes to why this is and what you need to know or learn.

Now that you know a little more about Human Design how do you get started?

Follow the below steps to find out everything you need to know to get started!


Get Your Free Human Design Chart


Get Your Base Guide


Get Your Deep Dive Guide


Start with your Free Human Design Chart

Amy brings together a multitude of wisdom and knowledge from a variety of Human Design and Gene Key mentors and leaders into beautiful, simple, individualised guides, so you no longer need to traipse the internet for answers and information. 
A Human Design chart brings five systems together as one, it combines ancient and quantum wisdom together. The chart is based on your time, date and location of birth. Here you will learn the high-level details of your Human Design to get you started. 
Through the power of automation, you will also have the option to purchase and receive your Base Guide within minutes – no longer requiring long turnaround periods to get your hands on this valuable and life-changing information.

Get Started for FREE

Click on the link below to get your Free Human Design chart.


Your Human Design Base Guide

Once you’ve generated your free chart by clicking “view my report” you will be able to purchase your Base Guide for $17.

Simply follow the prompts and you will be able to download it immediately.

HD Base Report with Amy

Human Design Base Guide Includes:

  • Personalised 48+ page report
  • Journal prompts and mindset reframes
  • Your Human Design Basics
    • Energy Type
    • Strategy 
    • Authority
    • Profile
    • Ideal Environment
    • Definition
    • Energy Centres (defined and open)
How do I know if this is for me:
  • You want to understand yourself better – your characteristics and traits, gifts, strengths, tripwires, challenges, fears and needs. 
  • You want to explore ideas of how to generate more vitality, ease and self-love in your life.
  • You are asking yourself questions like
    • Who am I?
    • What is my purpose/role in life?
    • What’s good or different about me?
  • You want to release judgements and expectations of yourself and others.
  • You feel like you are pushing sh!t uphill and experiencing certain emotions and roadblocks over and over again.
  • You are simply curious about your Human Design! 


Human Design Deep Dive Guide

This is a deep dive into Human Design. We recommend that you purchase the $17 Base Guide first to get a fundamental understanding of Human Design before purchasing this Deep Dive Guide.

What do I get in this deep dive guide:
  • Personalised 150+ page report
  • Explorative questions and prompts
  • Deconditioning and Integration Practices
  • Deep Dive into Gate influences across
    • Incarnation Cross
    • Sun, Earth and Moon
    • North and South Nodes
    • Planetary Impacts
    • Circuitry and Channels
This is for you if:
  • You loved your Base Human Design Reading and want more!
  • You are curious as to what all the numbers and symbols on your chart mean.
  • You are wanting to deepen your relationship with yourself through reflection, contemplation and exploration.
  • You find it difficult to put the “right” words to what you know, sense and feel about yourself – whether low or high-energy expressions.
  • You are looking for beautiful language to craft personal and business or career vision, mission, purpose or inspiration statements.
  • You are wanting to delve deeper into your psyche and create new pathways for higher energy expressions you may not have realised were available to you.
  • You are introspective and looking for inspiration and prompts to guide you into deeper self-awareness, understanding, acceptance, compassion and self-love.
Human design deep dive

Once you’ve generated your free chart by clicking “view my report” you will be able to purchase your Deep Dive Report for $56.

Simply follow the prompts and you will be able to download immediately.

Get Started for FREE

100% Guarantee This Will Enhance Your Self Discovery Journey Or Your Money Back


Guaranteed clarity and deeper understanding of who you are, your gifts, strengths and how you work.


Guaranteed awareness of emotional indicators and your inner guidance system and how to work with it.


Guaranteed support tips, journal prompts for self-inquiry, mindset reframes, personalised 1:1 sessions or email support for follow up questions.

Discover your strengths with a free Human Design Chart

We offer a free workbook with our free chart reading!

Human design work Book

Click the link below to get your
FREE Human Design Chart

Personalised 1hr online session with Amy 

Started to look into Human Design? Does it all seem a little too confusing? Do you have questions you need answered?

Looking for a personal experience?

Human Design Integration Session $160 or 3 at $360

Integration support, guidance and tools are dependant on your intention for the session.
This is for you if:
  • You enjoy and benefit from “talking it through”.
  • You feel stuck with making sense of or integrating your learnings.
  • You are navigating voids, plateaus and transitions in your life.
  • You have questions or frustrations and are keen to work through them.
  • You are noticing you are living from shadow expressions and conditioning.
  • You are looking for tools for growth, change and finding your own balance in life. 
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"As someone who loves self-discovery, I was actually blown away by my Human Design Reading by Amy. It was so in-depth yet easy to understand, and even answered my lifelong questions of why I experience things the way I do. I found this reading so comforting and reassuring that I’ve already gotten loved ones onto it and can’t recommend it enough!"​


What is Human Design?

Human Design is a revolutionary system that maps your personal energy field, giving you precise and profound insight into who you are. It is a unique energetic imprint that provides complex, accurate and practical information to use in your everyday life. 


Human Design busts the myth that there is one way or a “right” way to do life. It is the science of differentiation – none of us are the same.


It allows you to see the beauty of who you are, to release the expectations, beliefs and conditioning from society, childhood and challenging events. And to cultivate a deep sense of inner trust within yourself so you can live true to who you were born to be. 


Human Design is an incredibly powerful self-awareness tool. It’s a way to see yourself in a new light and appreciation; an opportunity to embrace and explore all that you are and what you are here to learn and experience; to make sense of your life journey and come home into yourself.  

See what clients have said about their readings!

Absolutely loved working with Amy, she was so kind, patient & understanding. Her knowledge on human design is outstanding and I wouldn't recommend seeing anyone else.

Lauren D

“Reading about my Human Design made me feel excited to know that I could have an in depth answer to how I respond to things. And be able to anticipate that and reprogram myself to have healthier responses.”


“I was very unsure about what Human Design was...I was surprised at the depth that it went to and the way that it was clearly evident that I identified with so much of what was said. I would highly recommend a reading, it will open your eyes to further possibilities.”


I loved my report so much! If you're a little stuck, want some guidance, need validation on your pathway, or wonder if there is more to life for you, I think you will find this highly valuable.


“I couldn’t recommend this enough! Knowing about my human design has helped me so much further in my own self work, my relationships & how I make decisions on my business.”

Lauren M

Amy helped me understand myself and the way I am designed. She gave me strategies to find calm amongst the chaos. She welcomed me calmly and respectfully and created an environment that felt like I was exchanging my negative energy for new and revitalised energy.


Ready to start?

HD Base Report with Amy

Please note you will need to know your birth time, date and location. 

If you do not know your exact birth time, please provide an accurate window of time. If you are really not sure, please also book a discovery call (free) so we can go through a series of questions to determine this for you.

FREE Human Design Chart to help you get started

I loved knowing the complexities of myself and having the help to navigate why I feel or do certain things. It’s reassuring to know that some things I do are the correct response but being able to understand how I can approach or respond better.

Abbie M

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Human Design the same as astrology?

No, however some aspects of astrology have been used in the creation of the Human Design system and influence how the gate energies (the numbers) are expressed. 

Astrology is also an incredible self-awareness tool that can provide in-depth insights. However, for me personally, I love the language of Human Design and how it is structured – I can see the practical aspects of how it plays out  in my everyday life. 

I also love that human design looks at both your physical arrival (personality and conscious mind) and your Soul’s arrival (Soul’s design and unconscious mind). Your Soul arrives three months prior to your birth, is often how others see you and brings in an energy you are somewhat aware of but not entirely conscious of (until now!). 

How is your Human Design determined?

Your human design is determined by the time, date and location of your birth. A little mystic I know, but the accuracy of this reading is seriously uncanny! 

What if I don't know my birth time?

It’s not the end of the world if you don’t know your birth time, we can go through a process to determine your human design details. If you can provide an accurate window of time, that makes the process easier. 

If you have or are purchasing a Human Design reading/report with me and you are unsure of your exact birth time, please book a Discovery Call (free) as soon as possible so that I can get your report underway. I am unable to finalise a report without this information. 

What if my Human Design Chart doesn't resonate with me?

Firstly I would double check the details provided to generate the Human Design report/reading. If they were correct, the next step would be to check your birth record – slip ups do happen! 

If you find it is still correct, I would highly recommend booking in for a Human Design Integration session, so we can discuss what is puzzling you and not resonating. Sometimes our life experiences, childhood upbringing and societies expectations and conforms have taken us away from ourselves or left us feeling disconnected to who we really are.   

I'm not sure what option to choose

It really is a personal choice. 

I find there is an equal balance between people who love to get the information and find their own way with it and others who need to talk it through and reflect on the information together. If you choose just the report but decide you’d like a 1:1 session with me, simply book a Human Design Integration session when you are ready. 

What if I decide I want to have a 1:1 session after my receiving my report?

Easy, simply book a Human Design Integration session with Amy via the online booking system. You can choose to work with me session-to-session or purchase the Support Program which offers 6 sessions tailored to your needs. 

What do you mean by Soul?

Personally I believe we are more than just a physical human body. Our Soul is our inner essence that works with our human avatar/form. We could get all deep and meaningful here, but I’ll save that for a blog post down the track. In the meantime, Disney’s movie Soul offers a wonderful idea of what this is and how it looks. 

Is Human Design legit?

I can see how some are a little skeptical. Here is how Human Design came to be:

Ra Uru Hu (born Robert Allan Krakower) who had walked away from his former life and moved to the Island of Ibiza in the 1980’s, heard a “Voice” one evening. And for the following eight days and nights he transcribed what he heard into a 400-page textbook. This is what came to be known as the Human Design System.

Yes, a little mystical in its beginnings but don’t be fooled by any skepticism you hold. Generate your own Human Design chart and see for yourself how spookily accurate the information can be, it is honestly one of the most liberating self-awareness tools you will come across. 

How do you interpret a Human Design chart?

When I am interpreting your Human Design chart, I am reading how the gates (the numbers) connect, move and express themselves through your energy system. This determines your energy type, strategy, authority, profile, unique themes and more.

My interpretation comes from a combination of over 150 hours training (with various leaders in the field) in how to read Human Design charts, endless evenings delving deeper into charts and continued exploration and contemplation of my own chart, my loved ones and my clients (with their permission). 

Can your Human Design change?

No, however there are certain transition points in our human lives that bring in new energies that influence our human design. 

Going through these transitions can feel like our normal operating system has been thrown out the door. It is like our whole world gets shaken up to ensure we have the learnings, information and personal growth to continue on life’s journey.  

A Human Design Transition Report can help you understand what is going on, the gifts and challenges of this period, subtle shifts of your needs/fears and how you interact with others and the changes in how you receive and transform energy through your design. 

For more information have a look at the Human Design Transition Report details. 

Can I just google the information?

Yes of course. Like anything there is a wealth of information online however from my personal experience it can takes hours of getting lost in rabbit holes trying to figure out how it all works and what means what. Purchasing a reading/report takes the leg work out of it and you have a beautiful document that you can refer to at anytime. 

I love bringing this information together in a digestible format and working with you to integrate your learnings, have a deeper understanding and support you through any challenges. 

If you prefer to do your own research but are needing some guidance or further understanding of what you have learnt, you may like to book a Human Design Integration session with me.

Can I purchase Human Design readings for my loved ones?

Yes of course. I have absolutely loved getting to know and understand my children better through their human design. It has definitely impacted the way I parent them – understanding their rest and restore patterns, energy type, decision-making model, tripwires, emotional signatures, needs and fears, how they see themselves and so much more. Even where I unconsciously condition them by living true to my design!

I also love knowing my husbands human design – where we work well together, where we trip each other up, understanding how he works, where I judge him and hold expectations that are really not a part of who he is.

My mum and sisters are also very open to this work, and reading their reports and discussing it with them has again given me a new understanding of what is was like for me as a child, where we worked well together or rubbed each other the wrong way. 

Can Human Design help me as a small business owner or entrepreneur?

It sure can! Human Design can help you with your purpose, vision and mission statements. It can show you what messages you are here to communicate, the types of people that will be attracted to your service/products and the best way to market yourself. 

If this is something you are interested in, I highly recommend starting with your personal human design reading and having a 1:1 session about how it can help you in your business. 

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