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Amy Doyle, Holistic Counsellor

The daughter of a policeman and a natural healer, born into the world as a Libran. Not quite hippie, not quite traditionalist, instead somewhere on the elegant bridge that lies between. Her gift lies in the depths of soft, gentle, nurturing support to those who struggle with their own life story and place in the world and within themselves.

Amy helps her clients move from this idea that they are broken or missing pieces of their own puzzle, to owning their story, claiming back all parts of themselves and merging together as one team to allow them to rest and be in their deepest expression.

She also supports them to find their own flow within the structures, boundaries and blueprints of their being; understand themselves on a deeper level; and realise and experience their inner knowing and gift to this world.

Amy’s training in holistic counselling and other energetic modalities provides her with a variety of tools and resources to call into each individual session.

With her own lived experience she knows how important it is to look after yourself during this process – it’s the swing between inner work and deep rest – you cannot have one without the other. It’s being aware of the unfolding, being the observer, sitting with the uncomfortable and at times tracking the data so you can put in structures and coping tools in place so you don’t spiral into overwhelm and hopelessness.

Highly intuitive and ambitious, Amy’s dedication to continual exploration and learning will keep you intrigued with how her quest for knowledge and understanding the self will curate over the coming years with a large focus on family, connection and relationships. She knows too well the rippling impacts of one person’s inner work can have on the people and the world around her. Instead of trying to change others, the best place we can start is with ourselves.

Amy will teach you to fall in love with yourself, support you in uncovering who you are and your uniqueness. She will help you to gently stir the pot within, with intention to create change and design a life worth waking up for.

Now for the long story and why I do what I do

It all began when I couldn’t wake up…

Throughout my life I had experienced depression a number of times, but this time was different. At 29 years of age, with three children aged 3 to 6 years, a corporate career, a well-paying job, the car, the house, the husband, my will power to get up and attend to my life was gone. I felt so empty and tired inside. Questioning, why couldn’t I just be happy? What was wrong with me? Why did I feel like this?

I struggled to get out of bed in the mornings, I was depressed, fatigued and started to see the battlefield of my mind play out in my life – my behaviour towards my kids and husband, house issues, school issues, work issues.

I felt dead at the core of my being, angry, lost. In my pool of loneliness, I would contemplate life, what it was all about and why I was the way I was. It was this soul sucking search in my mind, and I felt like I was either living in my past or only for my future.

I would get through the days, going through the motions and pretending to be okay – this was nothing new, I had many years of practise in masking how I was. I felt guilty and ashamed for how I felt because of all the great things I had in my life, so I masked everything and became numb, angry and frustrated.

I provided what I could for my family but it came from an empty space. I was living the blame game, I hated who I saw in the mirror, I couldn’t get it together, I was fixated on when “this happens, then it’ll be better” and my search for this “something” to make it all better kept me treading on a thin line to exhaustion.

Of course not all days where like this but enough for me to realise that I didn’t want my kids to grow up with a mother who was in the state that I was. So my search to find myself began and the puzzle pieces uncannily came together.

First I met a man who read my body, I finally felt seen. However it was gut wrenching and heart breaking… all these years I thought I had hidden my pain so well from the world, but it was written all over my body. It was the wake-up call, the motivation I needed to remove the layers that kept me hidden from this world.

This led me to meditation, finding a community to where I felt I belonged, quitting a long-term corporate job that I despised, creating a wellness business, developing new friendships, and finally signing up to holistic counselling course. I finally felt like I had it together…I had the “things” that I had searched for! Little did I know that this was where the real rollercoaster of my life was about to kick in. The next two years saw me through states between ripping through layers and graciously shedding what no longer served. 

My marriage was on the line, my business partnership was on the line, I was on the line…. I had never felt so angry, depleted or depressed in all my life. It was as if everything had been amplified, yet each of those moments led to an uncovering of myself where I actually felt joyous and peaceful. Those moments where enough to make me continue the inner work.

As I began to unravel who I was and why, deep wells of compassion for myself and those around me began to fill. As I leaned into my feelings and needs, and made space for them, I was able to start taking care of myself and find the inner peace that I had longed for.

Ending my business partnership, saying yes to my man, saying yes to me allowed me the space to breathe, set foundations for my life, allow and receive the support to enquire within and put the pieces of me together.  

Fast forward 3 years later, my life and my body are full, I live with deep gratitude and love for my life and all that it is, has been and will be and am able to navigate the ebb and flow of life. This mission to understand myself better is no longer coming from a state of needing fixing but this magnetic quest for knowledge and further understanding.

My mission will never change, I am here to understand myself better on all levels, so I can continue to design and live a life worth living and support others in doing the same.

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