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Human Design Generator types can often be seen as the “Worker Bees” of the world but the truth is they’re here to use all that sacral energy to master something that truly lights them up. In fact, when they are delighted, excited and inspired by their work, their energy fills up and emits a strong, powerful, open energy that draws people in! When they are operating from this space it seems like things magically happen or they appear to be lucky, when it’s actually a sign that they are responding and operating in alignment with their design.

Human Design Generators: The truth behind their mastery


One of the first things we learn about ourselves in Human Design is our energy type. Our energy type is all about how we interact and exchange energy with the people and world around us.

What’s a Human Design Generator?

The purpose of the Generator energy according to Quantum Human Design is ‘to physically manifest form and mastery on the physical plane.’

The primary goals and focus areas for Generators are:

  • Discover, pursue and dedicate life to what they love and in doing so they experience deep satisfaction
  • Flow in the “now” of life, taking cues as they appear
  • Honour their response in alignment with their strategy and authority
  • Find the right work
  • Build and create pathways to mastery.

Generator strategy for life

Each energy type has an associated strategy to minimise resistance and “win” at life. The Human Design Generator strategy is ‘to wait to respond before taking action’. When waiting they may feel frustrated… as society has conditioned us to “push through” instead of delighting in the joy of this waiting period.

Even if we have an incredible and inspiring insight/thought/idea we need to wait for confirmation in their outer world before taking action. This can come from:

  • someone saying something
  • a sign from universe (numbers, songs, billboards, car number plates, books falling of shelves, etc)
  • physical initiation that comes from outside of our mind.

Once we receive the sign or something to respond to – we can act on the inspirations that feel good and right in alignment with our authority. Personally, I have a rule of three signs to show up before responding to the bigger stuff in life.

Generator key emotional indicators

Each energy type also has emotional indicators that they are likely to be familiar with – these indicators help us realise when we are in alignment and flow with our energy type and when we are not. We may also experience these emotions when we are learning and growing. It doesn’t mean that we don’t experience other emotions, just that these can be more prominent.

Generators will experience a sense of satisfaction when things are going well and frustration when things are not.

Generator traits and highlights

Four key highlights of the Human Design Generator energy:

  1. Have the potential to be a master of whatever they decide to respond to, do and/or create.
  2. Can cast a vision and also know the steps to get there and have the energy to see it through. Have fixed and reliable access to energy – this is inexhaustible when in alignment.
  3. Need to learn to wait and manage frustration in healthy, dynamic ways to master their purpose and align with true abundance.
  4. Are patient seekers who are here to respond to the world and what it brings to them, as opposed to figuring it out with their minds.

Generator challenges

Of course there is always a flip side! Human Design Generators also have a set of challenges they may experience as they grow and evolve. Some common ones are:

  • Finding the right work
  • Frustration
  • Quitting
  • Patience
  • Waiting
  • Trusting inner response
  • Trudging on to make a living
  • Over-exerting
  • Future worries

Generator self-reflection journal prompts

Some great questions to reflect on as a Generator:

  • Do I really want this or have I been taught to want it?
  • Am I doing it for the love of it or because it is seen as being skilled, worthy or productive?
  • Am I martyring myself to be energetic or am I modelling healthy work and rest routine?

How do I know if I am a Human Design Generator?

You can access your FREE Human Design chart here. You will need to know your day, time and location of your birth.

The free chart provides the main overview details you need to know to explore your chart or the charts of your loved ones. You will also receive a free Human Design workbook to keep track of all your insights.

Now that I know my energy type, what’s next?

Once you know your Human Design energy type, strategy and authority, the next step is to become aware and observe how this plays out in your everyday life. Ask yourself:

  • Where am I living in alignment with my energy type, strategy and authority?
  • Where am I living out of alignment?
  • Where do I have ease and flow in my life? Where have I experienced this in the past?
  • Where are the emotional indicators showing up in my life? When/where have they shown up in the past?
  • Where am I experiencing resistance, obstacles and an overall feeling of working against myself? Where have I experienced this in the past?

Take the time to reflect on your answers. When you are ready to experiment, the Universe has this uncanny way of sending you situations to apply your newfound awareness so you can practise what you have learnt.

Remember awareness plus observation leads to truth. And truth can lead to powerful inner reflections, inspired action and greater alignment with the life we desire.

Ready to dive deeper into Human Design?

As mentioned above you can download your free Human Design Chart, get exploring with the main details (Energy Type, Strategy, Authority, Profile Number) and track your insights with our free downloadable Human Design Workbook.

We also offer personalised Human Design Readings and Reports here. We’ve made it into digestible chapters, with information that is easy to grasp and beautiful to look at. It has some great practical information to apply in your everyday life. It’s like a handy little manual all about you that you can look at over and over again. 

After getting a better understanding of Human Design Generators you would love to get to know Amy more you can get to know her Here or even get in contact with her if you would love to speak to her.

Amy Doyle

Holistic Counsellor

Amy helps her clients move from this idea that they are broken or missing pieces of their own puzzle, to owning their story, claiming back all parts of themselves and merging together as one team to allow them to rest and be in their deepest expression.

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