Human Design: The 5 Energy Types

There are 5 main energy types in human design. Our energy type provides information on how our energy works and how we interact with others and the world. It also gives us a strategy to find more ease and flow in life. 

Human Design: The 5 Energy Types


Let’s look at the five energy types in more detail.

Manifestors (Initiators)

Manifestors are usually the ideas and big vision people, who have this innate starting energy. They show us the destination of where we are going. They have this big beautiful energy that attracts the people who are on board with their vision and repels those who aren’t. They really are quite magnetic. 

Two emotions they will be familiar with are anger and peace.  Their strategy is to inform and then initiate.

Generators (Alchemists)

Generators know where they need to be and usually have a direct route in how they are going to get there. They also have this sacral energy motor to get in and get the work done. They need to make sure they are putting their energy into something that worthwhile and fulfilling to them and not just doing it because they can. They have a strong and powerful energy that draws people in when they are excited and inspired. 

Two emotions they will be familiar with are frustration and satisfaction. Their strategy is to wait to respond. 

Manifesting Generators (Time Benders)

We then have a mix of the two previous energies – creating a hybrid.

Manifesting Generators are similar to Generators they know where they need to be but they don’t have a direct route in how they are going to get there. They are designed to discover the shortcuts – the fastest, easiest and most efficient ways to get things done. They create quickly and love to be doing more than one thing at a time – it’s how they focus and gain energy. 

Some emotions they will be familiar with are anger, frustration, impatience, peace and satisfaction. Their strategy is to firstly wait to respond and then to inform before initiating. 

Projectors (Orchestrators)

Projectors have this beautiful ability to see things from a birds-eye view making them incredible leaders, managers and mentors. They are here to guide and direct others – not do the work. They can see different ways of doing things, efficiencies, obstacles and how to make the most of the unique potential of those around them. They have this amazing energy that allows them to zoom into one thing and become entrenched in it.  

Two feelings they will be familiar with are bitterness and success. Their strategy is to wait for recognition and an invitation. 

Reflectors (Calibrators)

Reflectors make up 1% of the population, so they are very rare. They are here to reflect back the chaos or harmony that is happening within others and their community. They are gifted in being able to read others and sense who is living authentically and who is operating outside of their integrity. They are sensitive powerhouses. Their depth and vibrancy is reflected when they are with the right people and in the right place.  

The key emotions they will be familiar with are disappointment, surprise and delight. Their strategy is to wait a lunar cycle. 

How do I know what my Human Design energy type is?

You can access your FREE Human Design chart here. You will need to know your day, time and location of your birth.

The free chart provides the main overview details you need to know to explore your chart or the charts of your loved ones. You will also receive a free Human Design workbook to keep track of all your insights.

I want to know more

As mentioned above you can download your free Human Design Chart, get exploring with the main details (Energy Type, Strategy, Authority, Profile Number) and track your insights with our free downloadable Human Design Workbook.

We also offer personalised Human Design Readings and Reports here. We’ve made it into digestible chapters, with information that is easy to grasp and beautiful to look at. It has some great practical information to apply in your everyday life. It’s like a handy little manual all about you that you can look at over and over again. 

If you would like to learn more about what Amy does feel free to click the link Here or if you would love to speak with her you can contact her here.

Amy Doyle

Holistic Counsellor

Amy helps her clients move from this idea that they are broken or missing pieces of their own puzzle, to owning their story, claiming back all parts of themselves and merging together as one team to allow them to rest and be in their deepest expression.

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