4 ways to morning mindfulness

I would wake up and scroll through social media every morning. it had become my morning ritual. But even though I was doing all the other things everyone told me to do – eat well, get good sleep, say affirmations, think positive, meditate – it wasn’t working out so well for me, I needed a healthy morning mindfulness routine that complemented everything else I was doing.

4 Ways to Morning Mindfulness


Are you jumper, a roller or a scroller?

I remember when my kids where little, I would jump out of bed to respond to their needs. And then… all of a sudden they didn’t need me so much in those first moments of waking and I became a roller. I was so exhausted in those days when I was just reacting to life, doing all the things I should do and wishing away my life because I didn’t know how to be happy.

I was doing all things that everyone told me to do… eat well, get good sleep, say affirmations, think positive, meditate… but it wasn’t working.

Here are the four steps I wish I was given back then to morning Mindfulness.


⁠Instead of reaching over for the phone, allow yourself the time to be with your body and your breath. Take the time to notice your dreams, affirm the day ahead of you and the future person that you are.

This takes time and practise. You need to know what you want in life, your direction and where you are headed.

Affirming your day isn’t about mindlessly repeating affirmations that someone has spoon-fed you. You really need to feel into them and believe them. And sometimes that means you need to work on the inner critic that shows up in your mind day after day – if that critic has a loud, constant voice… affirmations are going to feel like a bandaid fix.

Other times you are just caught in a habit loop that you have formed without realising the power it has to move your life in a different direction to where you want to go. So take the time to do the inner work first. ⁠


⁠Observe your natural rhythms so that you can tune into what works for you. Don’t fall for fads that aren’t in alignment with your personal design. Imagine letting go of the expectations you and others have put on you!

Map your monthly and ultradian cycle so you can set yourself up with activities and times that suit you.

Get to know yourself, your human design and healthy mind needs, in order to lead you to your own balance and success. Use my FREE cycle tracker to observe and reflect.⁠


Once you’ve found the best time for you to be waking up, make sure you get at least 5 minutes of sunlight (not through a window but actually outside) to help set your natural body clock.

Making time to exercise early in your day will also help set this. Find activities that align with your values and priorities and create habits that are in tune with where you’re at and where you want to go.

No point setting yourself up to be a runner, if there’s no intrinsic motivator behind it. 

Learn your human design, so you know if structure and consistency works for you or against you!


⁠Meditation or mindfulness practices can help create that set point for your day.

How you do anything, is generally how you do everything. If you’re rushing and forgetting to check in with yourself – how often do you forget your needs through the day? How often do your feelings get glossed over?

Take the time to check in. Breathe, journal, meditate, find something that works for you and where you’re at right now.

Doing this in the morning and afternoon, will open your mind to the noise in your head and allow you to clear it out and find inner peace and calm. Allow it to build up, you may find it to be quite noisy. Regular inner work will bring you to more moments of the “quiet magic”.

Get support

Sometimes we have this belief that we have to do it all alone.

I say WRONG! Lean onto the strengths of others, stand on the shoulders of those who have implemented these things and had success.

When you start to actually track the data and see where you show up for life, where things flow and where your challenge points are… you bring a new level of awareness and perspective into your life. You can see where you need support to fast-track your personal growth and goals.

Desperate to wake up feeling more alive and in balance with your life?  Book your free 15 minute chat with me to discuss where you’re at and how we can work together to transform your life for long-term results. ⁠


Did you love how important my morning mindfulness routine is?

You don’t have to unpack all of this alone! This is information to get you started to morning mindfulness. If you want to dive deeper into human design, I offer personalized readings. You can check them out here. Or if you would love to keep reading more about mental health articles you can read here.

Amy Doyle

Holistic Counsellor

Amy helps her clients move from this idea that they are broken or missing pieces of their own puzzle, to owning their story, claiming back all parts of themselves and merging together as one team to allow them to rest and be in their deepest expression.

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