Human Design Profiles: What role do you play?

Think about yourself arriving on Earth with a costume box. These are the costumes or the roles you get to try on and play out in life or what we call human design profiles. Some will feel more comfortable, natural and light, others may feel a little heavier, darker or you may not even be aware you’re wearing it but ask a friend and they would definitely have noticed. 

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Human Design Profiles: What role do you play?

What are Profiles in Human Design?

There are twelve profile numbers in human design which are made up of six different line expressions. These line expressions come from the IChing component of your chart. They are basically archetypal energies that play out and further describe:

  • what character/costumes you wear in this life
  • how you see yourself versus how others see you
  • how you learn and interact with the world
  • what you need to feel safe and stable
  • lessons you are here to learn.

Your profile number is taken from the conscious and subconscious line expression of your Sun and Earth, and because your sun gate makes up 70% of your human design, it makes it a key element to consider and explore.  

What are the 6 Profile Lines in Human Design?

Let’s take a look at the 6 profile lines in Human Design – these are the numbers in the decimal point place in your chart. The key ones are in the Sun and Earth Gates – the decimal number in the top two square boxes. The one in orange (right hand side) is what you are conscious and aware of, the one in purple (left hand side) is usually more subtle and you may not be as aware of it but it can definitely be seen and felt by those around you. 

Line 1: Investigator / Resource

The Line 1 expression is known as the investigator or resource. This line is all about creating foundations and security. It also represents independence and introspection. 

Core fears:

  • Not knowing enough
  • The unknown

Core needs:

  • Information and facts
  • Time to reflect

Shadow expression:

  • Insecurity and fearfulness
  • Serious and interrogating
  • Unaware of presence of the other 

Light expression:

  • Confident and stands up for self and needs
  • Research and introspection provides authority, certainty and inner sense of security.
When the Line 1 is activated in certain areas of your chart, it represents the ‘creator’.  You will find that “study and introspection are the foundations of your creativity”. Pierre Whittmann 

Line 2: Hermit / Responder

The Line 2 expression is known as the hermit or responder. This line is all about integrating knowledge, energy and wisdom in the body. It represents a conflict between sharing and fearing that it is not enough. 

Core fears:

  • Disappearing
  • Being isolated

Core needs:

  • Alone time
  • Rest

Shadow expression:

  • Reluctance, denial, anger
  • Accusing, blaming, focus on the other
  • Unable to see the self, abilities and energy

Light expression:

  • Lives life with naturalness, peace, following own path
  • Composed, confident, passionate,  intense
  • Enjoys intimacy and one-to-one relationships.

When the Line 2 is activated in certain areas of your chart, it represents the ‘dancer’. You will find that “doing what you love, if it feels easy and natural is right for you”. Pierre Whittmann

Line 3: Martyr /Explorer

The Line 3 expression is known as the martyr or explorer. This line is all about being open to experiences in creative, dynamic and unpredictable ways. It represents risk-taking, the emotional body and discovery from experience (trial and error). 

Core fears:

  • Failure
  • Too many mistakes

Core needs:

  • To try things
  • Experiment

Shadow expression:

  • Shame, blame, avoidance, drama
  • Lack of commitment or overcommitment
  • Using humour to avoid feelings  

Light expression:

  • Playful and curious
  • Takes responsibility for intense feelings
  • Leads others on adventures
  • Adaptable, flexible, full of life.

When the Line 3 is activated in certain areas of your chart, it represents the ‘changer’. You will find that “you thrive in change, diversity, new experiences and adventures”. Pierre Whittmann


Line 4: Opportunist / Stabiliser

The Line 4 expression is known as the opportunist or stabiliser. This line is all about creating a network to spread their heartfelt messages. It also represents externalisation and the emotional body. 

Core fears:

  • Loss
  • Being in limbo

Core needs:

  • Stability
  • Consistency

Shadow expression : 

  • Fear of rejection 
  • Rejects first rather than being rejected
  • Masks pain by closing down and/or using politeness
  • Unable to express emotions

Light expression:

  • Establishes connections through emotions, openheartedness and kindness
  • Influences effortlessly from heart-centred space

When the Line 4 is activated in certain areas of your chart, it represents the ‘server’. The secret to your success in these areas is through your relationships, your kindness and being of service (not servitude). 

Line 5: Heretic / Visionary Leader

The Line 5 expression is known as the heretic or visionary leader. This line is all about seeing things with fresh eyes and being able to digest complex information and creatively reframing or structuring it to make it easier for others to understand.   It also represents the mental body, the practical, mystical and mysterious. They are also projected onto as being the saviour until they can no longer meet expectations. 

Core fears:

  • Not being or feeling truly seen or heard

Core needs:

  • To be seen and heard
  • To be respected for your wisdom

Shadow expression:

  • Delusion, paranoia, guilt
  • Rebel, liar
  • Self obsession, want others to listen to their story

Light expression:

  • Clarity, realistic ideas, visionary wisdom
  • Trusting and open to perspectives
  • Forgiving and free to give and receive care.
When the Line 5 is activated in certain areas of your chart, it represents the ‘fixer’. You will find that “if you bring practical solutions, you will become a successful leader”. Pierre Whittmann


Line 6: Role Model / Adept

The Line 6 expression is known as the role model or the adept. This line is all about seeking to transcend rather than feeling. It also represents the mental body, trust and authenticity. This line operates in three phase approach – from age 0-30 is all about exploring (see Line 3), from 30-50 is all watching, learning and contemplating life experiences and 50 onwards is about authentically living the role model qualities. 

Core fears:

  • Failing purpose
  • Losing ‘your edge’

Core needs:

  • To live your purpose
  • Play

Shadow expression:

  • Absent, disappearing, isolated
  • Disconnected, leaves the body
  • Distant, superior, feels exluded if not contributing
  • Doesn’t practise what they preach 

Light expression:

  • Embodied presence, knowledge and wisdom
  • Genuine participation and connection
  • Objectivity, visionary leader, engaging and inspiring. 

When Line 6 is activated in certain parts of your chart, it represents the ‘teacher’. You will find that in order “to change the world, you need to teach people to be creative and self-sufficient”. Pierre Whittmann

What are the 12 Profiles in Human Design?

There are 12 different ways these lines can come together to make key profile combinations, and in doing so add another little flavour to the life we are here to experience. 

The 12 Profile Numbers and their key costume/role when numbers are combined are:

  • 1/3 The Establisher of Knowledge and Truth
  • 1/4 The Omniscient Teacher
  • 2/4 The Easy Breezy Genius
  • 2/5 The Reluctant Hero
  • 3/5 The Great Life Experimenter
  • 3/6 The Living Contrast
  • 4/1 The Unique Journey
  • 4/6 The Regal Authority Figure
  • 5/1 The Challenge Solver
  • 5/2 The Self-Motivated Hero
  • 6/2 The Exemplary Human
  • 6/3 The Responsible Adventurer 

When we put the numbers together in this way they give us a flavour of our life experience and we can also see some layers to the internal conflicts that we can face. For example, if we look at my own profile 2/4, I can be so comfortable being in my little hermit cave but I also love being with people.

For me, it has been about exploring the balance of alone time and being with others. I am so comfortable with the hermit side of my design, I can at times get lost in my own world and forget about being in the world – there is this fine line of being good for me to retreat and replenish but also being in there for too long. We then also have the shadow expression of the Line 4 that feels really comfortable with the hermit life and can get stuck there.

Understanding these parts of myself has been really eye-opening and I am so grateful that I have the support and tools to explore these energies and archetypes, to uncover their strengths and play with them as opposed to shunning away from them and dimming their gifts. 

How do I find my Profile number in Human Design?

If you look at the Conscious Sun Sign (first set of numbers in square boxes on the right hand side), your conscious line is the decimal number in orange (if you have downloaded a chart from my website) or black (if using the traditional software program). Your subconscious line  is the decimal number in purple (from my website) or red (traditional software) . 

Too hard to wrap your head around? Jump over to the free chart area of my website here, and it will tell you what your profile number is. 

Where can I find out more?

This is just one of the key elements we go into in the Base Report. These line expressions can provide so much detail into our self-discovery journey, especially when we begin to look at each of the gates in our charts and their impacts on our design and our life. 

We highly recommend booking a Base Reading so we can connect and discuss how they play out in your life, what works for you and against you and how to explore these light and shadow expressions, core needs and fears in more depth. 

If you would like to learn more about what Amy does feel free to click the link Here or if you would love to speak with her you can contact her here.

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Amy Doyle

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Amy helps her clients move from this idea that they are broken or missing pieces of their own puzzle, to owning their story, claiming back all parts of themselves and merging together as one team to allow them to rest and be in their deepest expression.

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