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Human Design is truly fascinating. The idea that we have 64 different archetypes or energies running through our systems in all different ways, blows my mind. And when we look into what is the definition of human design and connected we really get to shine a light on different parts of us and how they communicate with themselves, others and the world around them.the 

Human Design Definition: How your energy centres talk to each other


What is Human Design Definition?

Human Design definition refers to the consistent, reliable flow of energy within us. It creates our energy type and determines our strategy and authority.

We are looking at how the defined (coloured) gates and channels in your chart connect and speak to each other – in particular, whether all the defined energy centres are connected or separated in some way. To have a defined energy centre, you need two opposing gates (a channel) to be defined – in doing so, it connects two centres together.

How does our Human Design Definition affect us?

Our defined energy and the way it flows (definition) impacts how we operate and interact in relationships and experiences and what we look for in others, the world and our experiences. There are five kinds of definition:

  • Single Definition
  • Split Definition
  • Triple-Split Definition
  • Quadruple-Split Definition
  • No Definition

Each kind of definition functions in a different way. Understanding this about yourself and your loved ones can really help remove judgements, expectations and beliefs in regards to behaviour and needs.

Single Definition

Single Definition is where all defined energy centres are connected in one continuous circuit – meaning these parts of you are always communicating with each other. There is a consistent and reliable sense of wholeness within you – without needing someone or something to complete you.

Single Defintiion people:

  • make up approximately 42% of the population
  • process information quickly (although having an emotional authority can slow this a little)
  • are generally independent and self-reliant
  • have a consistent and reliable sense of wholeness within
  • are not looking or needing someone or something to complete them.

Split Definition

Split Definition is where you have two sets of defined energy centres connected but are not connected to each other. This means you naturally draw people into your life to help you bridge the gap between these sets and experience a sense of wholeness. There are two types of Split Definition:

  • Small Split or Basic Split: when it would take just one gate or channel to bridge two areas of definition
  • Big Split or Wide Split: clear separation between two areas of definition

Split Definition people:

  • make up approximately 46% of the population
  • do best processing information with another person through conversation or other exchange
  • like to talk it out or come together with someone to get something done
  • are naturally drawn to people who bridge your defined energy centres
  • when someone or something bridges the gap, there is a feeling of “you complete me”
  • can experience feelings of inadequacy and emptiness if you are not aware of this split or when comparing to a Single Definition person
  • may find it very helpful to know what energy gates bridge the defined energy centres, in order to consciously cultivate healthy relationships that support you.

Triple-Split Definition

Triple-Split Definition is where you have three sets of defined energy centres connected but are not connected to each other. This means you naturally draw people into your life to help you bridge the gap between these sets and experience a sense of wholeness. This can happen in a variety of ways – so variety, exploration and movement are generally important to you.

Triple-Split people:

  • make up approximately 10% of the population
  • do well to be around more than one person otherwise, you may feel trapped
  • need diversity of people around you otherwise, you can feel scattered and impatient
  • need movement – no single bridge, person or singular moment will bring you the same sense of wholeness
  • are a complex beings with extraordinary potential for assimilating and integrating information through movement.

Quadruple-Split Definition

Quadruple-Split Definition is where you have four sets of defined energy centres connected but are not connected to each other. This means you are often waiting for the universal energy to come through to bridge these gaps, or you will have relationships with a small number of people who will help you to do this.

Quadruple-Split people:

  • make up less than 1% of the population
  • need a lot of time and freedom to process information
  • have a lot of definition, so are not taking in a lot of energy from outside of themselves
  • often wait patiently for energy to filter in through their open gates so they can reach their own conclusion
  • will have tight bonds with 2-3 people – relying on one person can feel uncomfortable
  • can feel like they are missing something – connecting with others and experiences will help bring a sense of wholeness.

No Definition

When you have no Human Design definition, this simply means you have no defined energy centres in your charts.

People with no definition:

  • make up less than 1.5% of the population
  • are very unique beings
  • are deeply connected with the movement of energy throughout the month and moon phases.

“Whenever you’re dealing with a split definition you have to recognize that the moment that you move from single definition to split definition to triple split definition to quadruple split definition, everything slows down.  

You cannot expect a triple split to operate at the same speed as a single definition. A single definition integrates information completely the moment it receives it. A split definition does not.

In other words, it can receive information but those two sets of information as they operate through their design don’t have a relationship to each other.  You’re always waiting for the bridge.“

Ra Uru Hu

How do I find out my definition?

You can generate your Human Design chart here to uncover your definition within seconds. No need to analyse your chart, your definition will be noted. If you already have a chart but your definition type hasn’t been noted, simply look at the defined energy centres and how they are connected or not.

Feel like you understand your human Design Definition but want to know more?

We have a great list or articles on all aspects of human design that you can access here as well as any information you may want to know about mental health from Amy Here.

Amy Doyle

Holistic Counsellor

Amy helps her clients move from this idea that they are broken or missing pieces of their own puzzle, to owning their story, claiming back all parts of themselves and merging together as one team to allow them to rest and be in their deepest expression.

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