Human Design: How to make decisions without regretting it later


Have you ever made a decision and regretted it later? Ignored that little whisper only to find out some time later you really should have listened? I think it’s safe to say we’ve all been there and done that! Human design can help you make decisions without regretting it later.

So this blog is for you if:

  • You say “yes” when you really want to say “no”
  • You make decisions amidst excitement and regret them later
  • ⁠You feel rushed into making decisions
  • You don’t get it when people say listen to your gut
  • You can’t make a decision for yourself until you talk to your fave person (eg. mum, dad, partner, bestie)
  • You feel guilty because you make decisions based on your needs without two hoots for others
  • You override your initial decisions because logic makes more sense

Human Design: How to make decisions without regretting it later


Did you know we have 7 different types of internal authorities?

According to Human Design, we have seven different types of authorities, each with a unique way of operating within our system. Your authority is your dominant inner guidance system, encrypted within for attuned and correct decision-making.

In Human Design these authorities are called:

  1. Emotional Authority
  2. Sacral Authority
  3. Splenic Authority
  4. Heart Authority
  5. Self Authority
  6. Environment Authority
  7. Lunar Authority

Let’s explore these all a little deeper.

Emotional Authority: Ride out your emotional wave

This is the correct way to make decisions for 50% of the population. This is about riding out the highs and lows of your emotions and waiting for the neutral space to make a decision.

You need time to experience the full spectrum of emotions. Deciding too quick may lead you into changing your mind multiple times, fulfilling decisions because you feel you have to rather than want to.

Journalling is a helpful exercise in riding out the wave.

Sacral Authority: Use your gut instincts

Trusting your gut response in the here and now works for you. This is not a logical response. It’s about grounding yourself in the present moment and trusting your body’s inner sacral knowing.

It can be felt through the breath (contracting or expanding), a body movement towards or away, an energy inside that is ready to burst or block, a literal “uh-huh’ or “uh-nah” response, or an easy “yes” or “no”.

Asking “This or that” or “yes or now” questions will help you tune into this inner knowing.

Splenic Authority: Listen to that little voice

This voice generally speaks quietly and only once! It is an ancient, inner wisdom that is unexplainable. So if you can explain your answer it may be coming from your mind and not actually this voice.

It is a voice based on instinctual knowing and has a good sense of safety and goodness.

The best way to get to know this voice, is when you make a “wrong” decision – where was that voice inside that told you otherwise? What did it feel like and where was it located in the body?

Heart (Ego Manifested/Projected) Authority: Choose your heart and desires

In a world where society says to think of others first, choosing your own heart and desires without considering others can be overwhelming.

In choosing your own heart and desires you honour yourself first and innately know you are worthy. This is about saying yes to you and letting go of pleasing others.

When you talk out your decision (with others or voice recording), you will hear the passion and fire in your voice, and your heart will either be drawn towards something or pulled away – this is where you will find your true answer.

Self (Projected) Authority: Talk it out to hear your own wisdom

Similar to the last, however this is more about talking it out with your close confidants so you can hear and feel your internal wisdom.

This decision is usually a deep inner knowing – as you talk it out aloud, you will hear your own words and be given the inner insight you are looking for. This is not about listening to others’ opinions.

Environmental (Mental) Authority: Listen to your wise people

This is about creating an inner circle of wise people that you can bounce your ideas off in order to gain clarity. You are vulnerable to others’ influences here, so it’s important to be very discerning about who is in your circle.

It is important to choose people who are respectful, live in integrity and can separate their own opinions from what is right for you.

Lunar Authority: Wait 28 days for clarity

Although not always possible, by tracking your perspective on the decision for 28 days you will find clarity and wisdom as it shifts and changes – just as the moon does.

When this is not possible, revert to leaning on your inner circle of wise people to bounce your ideas and thoughts off – to consider all angles.

How do I know what my human design authority is?

You can access your FREE Human Design chart here and find out your innate authority. You will need to know your day, time and location of your birth.

One of these inner authorities will lead you to make decisions in alignment with your higher self. In getting to know, trust and experiment with your inner authority, you will find decision-making comes with more ease, however, carrying out the decision is where you will at times need your strength.

It’s important to note you may need to heal and transform old patterns of pain and behaviours that keep you from living out the beauty of who you really are, before being able to truly tune into your authority.

After working out How to make decisions without regretting it later, Would you love to learn more about Human Design?

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