Human Design: The Nine Energy Centres


Understanding Human Design and the nine energy centers helps you understand your curriculum for life. It shows you how your energy works, key themes, replaying patterns and why we might find ourselves continuously learning in certain areas of our lives. This knowledge can allow us to really look at who we are, our strengths are and what we can gift to our relationships.

Human Design: The Nine Energy Centres



I trust the path my soul is here to walk and I dare to be divine.

A note from Ra Uru Hu

What are the Nine Energy Centres for Human Design

Our nine energy centres in human design are represented by the geometrical shapes on our charts and correlate to the Hindu Chakras. These energy centres receive and transform the energy that circulates through the system. Each centre has a specific function that can influence our behaviour when we are operating in or out of alignment with our design.

Defined vs Open Energy Centres

Energy centres can be defined (coloured) or open/undefined (white). The way they are connected determines this, as well as our energy type, authority and more.

Defined Centres

Defined centres are what is fixed and reliable within us and determines how we express our traits and skills.

They are the gifts and strengths previously learnt and brought into this lifetime. Lean into, explore and have fun with them. These areas can also be layered with conditioning from our childhood and personal experiences.

Conditioning is a part of life, we cannot avoid it, nor would we want to. Conditioning can lead us to some of the most impactful insights, understanding and compassion for others.

When we are acting from our conditioning, this is what we call out of alignment, unhealthy behaviours, shadow or ‘Not-Self’. Think of it as someone has painted over the divine picture of ‘you’. We can erase this conditioning by doing the inner work. This is what we call deconditioning or unlearning. It is where life may test us to see what we really know. It can seem difficult and it is not always possible at times. However, that is the beauty of life, to be able to see and love ourselves just as we are.

Open Centres

The Open centres are where we are open and receptive to life and it’s lessons.

They are areas of vulnerability and susceptibility but also hold your greatest capacity for wisdom, learning and broadening our perspectives. They are like our study units for this lifetime and we may be tested through real life situations to ensure we really know it and can also apply it over and over again and teach to others.

Our Open centres are where we can gain knowledge, experience, create impact, influence, teach and leave a legacy from. When we are looking at our purpose, we will find it in the open centres, these are very important out of the nine energy centers for Human Design.

When we are “unhealthy” in these centres, it’s not about deconditioning, instead it is about a lack of knowledge, perspective or experience. This is where we learn through trial and error, find mentors, practices, courses, etc in order to gain health.

Key themes for each Energy Centre

Here are the key themes of each energy centre.

Root Centre

The Root Centre is a pressure centre. It’s all about regulating time and taking action at the right time. It houses the pressure to do things, our ambition, our drive, how to get started with things in life and also how we handle stress.

If this centre is open, you don’t have consistent access to this energy and can take on and amplify the stress and pressure around you. It also means that you have the flexibility to deal with stress in many different ways. When you are alone you are naturally still.

If this centre is defined, you have your own rhythm and consistent way of dealing with stress and pressure. And you probably do well with handling it. The energy here drives your productivity, creativity and awareness.

The gates of the Root Centre are:

  • Human Design Gate 53
  • Human Design Gate 60
  • Human Design Gate 52
  • Human Design Gate 19
  • Human Design Gate 39
  • Human Design Gate 41
  • Human Design Gate 58
  • Human Design Gate 38
  • Human Design Gate 54

Solar Plexus Centre

The Solar Plexus is an awareness centre. It houses our emotional and social awareness, our passion and desire, and our abundance of spirit. It is all about how we experience our emotions, moods and feelings and how we can feel empathy for others.

For people who have this centre is open you are here to learn to observe other people’s emotions without attaching to them. You may find you are inconsistently emotional and who you are with can also determine how you are feeling or the mood you are in. When it comes to conflict you may struggle with this because you can feel into the emotions of the other so strongly.

If this centre is defined, you have the energy to process emotional experiences. You find you go through highs and lows and by mapping these you will find your unique rhythm – leaning into this wave of emotions is what gives you clarity in your emotional process and decision-making.

The gates of the Solar Plexus Centre are:

  • Human Design Gate 6
  • Human Design Gate 37
  • Human Design Gate 22
  • Human Design Gate 36
  • Human Design Gate 30
  • Human Design Gate 55
  • Human Design Gate 49

Sacral Centre

The Sacral Centre is an energy centre. It houses our life force energy, our vitality and sexual energy. It is all about making things happen and building in the world.

If this centre is open your energy motor may not have a specific rhythm to it. Your rest and work cycles are vastly different to those who have this defined. When you are around those with a defined centre, you can amplify their energy and get a boost – but may find you need additional rest afterwards.

If this centre is defined you will find you naturally wake up with a full tank of energy ready to go build and create in the world. It’s important to ensure you use this energy on something that lights you up otherwise you can experience burnout and feel unfulfilled.

The gates of the Sacral Centre are:

  • Human Design Gate 27
  • Human Design Gate 5
  • Human Design Gate 14
  • Human Design Gate 29
  • Human Design Gate 59
  • Human Design Gate 9
  • Human Design Gate 3
  • Human Design Gate 42
  • Human Design Gate 34

Spleen Centre

The Spleen Centre is an awareness centre. It houses our body consciousness, health and well-being and our values. It is all about
intuition, instinct, survival, fear, spontaneity and inner knowing.

If this centre is open, you may find you have an inconsistent connection with how your intuitive senses show up. You may also find you are deeply sensitive to the health and fears of other people around you.

If this centre is defined, you have a consistent and reliable way to access your intuitive senses and have strong instincts about what is healthy or not.

The gates of the Spleen Centre are:

  • Human Design Gate 48
  • Human Design Gate 57
  • Human Design Gate 44
  • Human Design Gate 50
  • Human Design Gate 32
  • Human Design Gate 28
  • Human Design Gate 18

Heart (Ego or Will) Centre

The Heart Centre (also known as the Ego or Will Centre) is an energy motor centre. It houses our willpower, ego, and connection to the material world. It is all about our healthy competitive drive for wellbeing, resources and self-worth for ourselves, our family and the greater collective.

If this centre is open, your energy for committing is inconsistent and will depend on who you are with, as you are highly sensitive to others’ willpower. It is important to know that there is no need to push yourself to do or have to prove you are worthy – you are inherently worthy because you exist.

If this centre is defined, you have natural self-esteem, and drive in this area. It is important that you shift the mindset of competition to be one of competing with the self to grow and expand your abundance rather than competing against others.

The gates of the Heart Centre are:

  • Human Design Gate 21
  • Human Design Gate 51
  • Human Design Gate 26
  • Human Design Gate 40

Identity (G-Centre) Centre

The Identity Centre is the magnetic monopole that connects us with the universe and pulls our life towards us. It houses our sense of identity, our higher self and direction in life. It is all about self-love and our ability to love and appreciate the wide and varied individuals of humanity.

If this centre is open, you have this ability to really see into people and who they are. You may find your sense of direction inconsistent, as it will depend on who you are with. You may find people around you experience your identity in various ways as you have chameleon-style energy about you.

If this centre is defined, you have access to a consistent sense of direction in life – it may be ever-changing but rarely will you feel at a loss of what’s next. Your access to your sense of your identity and the way you experience love is also generally reliable and consistent, even when you continue to grow and evolve.

The gates of the Identity Centre are:

  • Human Design Gate 7
  • Human Design Gate 1
  • Human Design Gate 13
  • Human Design Gate 25
  • Human Design Gate 46
  • Human Design Gate 2
  • Human Design Gate 15
  • Human Design Gate 10

Throat Centre

The Throat Centre is a manifestation centre. It houses communication, outwards expression and manifestation. It is all about action, metamorphosis and transformation through interaction with the world.

If this centre is open, your outward expression can be very inconsistent. You can experience many different voices and are naturally able to tailor your message to the individual you are with. When you are alone you are generally silent. If you struggle with feeling seen or heard, you may find yourself babbling without clear intention but more just to be heard.

If this centre is defined and connected to your Heart, Sacral, Solar Plexus or Root Centre, you have a powerful voice that commands attention. If it is connected to your Spleen, Identity or Ajna Centre, you are here to express your awareness and a receptive audience is needed to be fully acknowledged and heard for your wisdom and insight.

The gates of the Throat Centre are:

  • Human Design Gate 62
  • Human Design Gate 23
  • Human Design Gate 56
  • Human Design Gate 16
  • Human Design Gate 20
  • Human Design Gate 31
  • Human Design Gate 8
  • Human Design Gate 33
  • Human Design Gate 45
  • Human Design Gate 12
  • Human Design Gate 35

Ajna Centre

The Ajna Centre is an awareness centre. It houses our ideas, thoughts, beliefs, opinions, interpretations, inspirations and conceptualisation. It’s all about our thinking pattern for resolving questions that come from our head centre – it’s about seeking certainty. This is where new and transformative ideas to change the world for the better come from.

If this centre is open, you have inconsistent thinking and organisational abilities. This means that you are able to try on new ideas, thoughts, beliefs and opinions with more ease and flexibility. It can also make you sensitive to uncertainty.

If this centre is defined, you are a natural at reviewing and organising information readily and easily. You also have the ability to consistently think in certain ways. You may find you are more certain in your ideas, thoughts, beliefs and opinions in the world.

The gates of the Ajna Centre are:

  • Human Design Gate 47
  • Human Design Gate 24
  • Human Design Gate 4
  • Human Design Gate 17
  • Human Design Gate 43
  • Human Design Gate 11

Head Centre

The Head Centre is a pressure centre. It houses our logic, thinking, rationalising, doubt, confusion and questioning. It’s all about inspiration, analysis, possibilities, daydreaming and problem-solving.

If this centre is open, you are more varied in your thinking and approach to problem-solving. You can be sensitive to mental pressure. You are likely to seek inspiration from outside of yourself.

If this centre is defined, you are likely to experience consistent mental activity that is here to inspire others through your clarity or questioning.

The gates of the Head Centre are:

  • Human Design Gate 63
  • Human Design Gate 61
  • Human Design Gate 64

Want to learn more about Human Design and the nine energy centers?

You don’t have to unpack all of this alone! This is information to get you started to understand Human Design and the nine energy centers. More information on each gate will come through in 2023. If you want to dive deeper into your centres, their shadow sides, healthy expressions and mindset reframes, I offer personalised readings. You can check them out here. Or if you would love to keep reading more about Human Design we have more articles you can read here.


  • The Definitive Book of Human Design: The Science of Differentiation, Lynda Bunnell & Ra Uru Hu.
  • Understanding Human Design, Karen Curry Parker
  • Human Design: Discover the Person You Were Born to Be, Chetan Parkyn
  • Shine by Design: Understanding yourself through the Human Design, Marian Mills

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