Human Design Gate 2 (Gene Key 2) Higher Knowing and Allowing

Imagine the universe as one big round puzzle and an individual as a unique piece. When you live your authentic individual expression, your puzzle piece clicks into place, the place that only you can fill. And that is where you experience complete oneness and surrender to the harmony and wholeness of the universe. This to me is Gate 2 energy.

Amy Doyle

Amy Doyle

Holistic Counsellor

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The Human Design Gate 2 is the Gate of Higher Knowing and Allowing. Understanding the energy of this gate can open you to the abundance of life and greater trust in your inner knowing and sense of direction in life. It’s the internal compass guiding you to unity and oneness with the universe. It is a powerful feminine energy. 

The Gate of Higher Knowing is defined by traditional Human Design as “Receptivity as the primal base through which any response is determined.”

Karen Curry Parker, the founder of Quantum Human Design renewed the name to be Gate of Allowing and defines it as “To set intentions and move solidly towards the fulfilment of the Authentic Self with complete trust that you are supported in being the full expression of who you are and your life purpose, even if you don’t know how or what the support will look like. Trust in Source. Living in a state of gratitude.”

In this article, we draw on quantum and traditional human design to delve into some of the key traits and attributes; shadows, gifts and tripwires, and; core needs of those with a defined Human Design Gate 2 energy. 

What does Gate 2 mean in Human Design?

If you have Gate 2 defined, you have a flair for innovative guidance and are open and receptive to the abundance of life.  

The keywords associated with the Human Design Gate 2 energy include:

  • Magnetic
  • Adaptable
  • Devotion
  • Abundance
  • Self-empowerment
  • Receptive

It is also linked to Taurus energy which is the sign of beauty and practicality. Those experiencing higher frequencies of this energy are able to find beauty and sensuality in the present moment and also commit to something worth building. 

If you have this energy defined you are likely to find motivation by trusting in everything. 

Other key traits and attributes include:

  • Dancing with life, love and beauty
  • Trusting your intrinsic compass 
  • Ability to give direction and guidance to others
  • Knowing how to yield and surrender
  • A very feminine essence

The Gate 2 energy is always looking for Gate 14 energy (its harmonic gate). Human Design Gate 14 energy is the Gate of The Powerhouse. Those with Gate 14 energy are great at generating resources and prosperity and can help you get where you want to go. 

What are the shadows and gifts of the Human Design Gate 2?

To understand the shadows and gifts of the Human Design Gate 2 energy, let’s look at the Gene Key 2 frequencies. 

The shadow frequency is ‘Dislocation’ which in simplest terms means to not be in your proper, original or usual place or state (open to your translation of what those words mean to you) or also to feel separate, broken, injured or disturbed. 

In this state you may feel like a victim of your circumstances, lost or regimented. It can look like:

  • Recklessly spending your resources – time, money or energy
  • Not having faith or trust in life
  • Having a lack mindset
  • Being unable to receive

It’s important to know that we all have shadow sides – we are not trying to remove these parts of ourselves, but rather love and embrace them as part of the human experience. Once we do this, we are able to unlock the gift and embody the Siddhi (divine gift) with grace and ease.

The gift frequency of Gene Key 2 is ‘Orientation’ and the siddhi is ‘Unity’. Take a moment and contemplate what these two words mean to you in their fullest expression. 

What does the Human Design Gate 2 need?

Here are my top tips for those with a defined Human Design Gate 2 energy. 

  1. Embrace the idea that we are all one part of a whole
  2. Learn to trust and surrender to the flow of life
  3. Learn how to manage resources and wealth so you can surround yourself with beauty and prosperity
  4. Find the right people for you who allow your gifts to flourish
  5. Learn how to feel your feelings, let them move through you.

My personal contemplation of Human Design Gate 2 (Gene Key 2)

The energy of the Human Design Gate 2 plays out in my unconscious north node, meaning that this is part of the energy/archetype that I am here to master and move into as I approach my 40s and beyond. 

I am so grateful for the Human Design Gate 1 energy that plays out in my unconscious south node as it provides the solid foundations that have allowed me to gently explore the feminine qualities of the Gate 2, particularly through my 30s. I have felt all the Gate 2 energy qualities calling me more strongly as I inch my way closer to 40 years around the sun. 

It is something that has been pointed out to me aloud many times over to fully comprehend it (I’m sure there is still more growth to come). The lessons have come with patience and flow, and each time, I have surrendered deeper and deeper, thus embracing the feminine within. Sometimes it feels like the unbinding or breaking of clasps that have held me together, it’s a combination of freshness and openness

It’s moving from independent one-system thinking to embracing being a part of a system that is bigger than me. It’s the understanding of the masculine presence and gifts and the way it has supported my personal growth to this point, but it’s also seeing the world in a whole new light, through opposite energy, one that piques my curiosity, challenges my thinking and my being and calls me closer. 

As I look back on my life, I see where I felt lost and where I spent my time, money and energy recklessly. I can also pinpoint the period of my life where I realised I was compromising who I was and what I wanted. They may be the shadow qualities but experiencing them and the tension in my life allowed me to unlock the gift qualities of Gate 2. And I am still working with some of those shadows, so I can open myself more and more to experiencing the gifts of orientation and unity. 

I still get tripped up by things not moving as fast as I want, I still need help feeling some of those big overwhelming feelings, I still forget to ask for help and I am still practising the art of receiving. 

There are even times when I miss my regimented behaviour because in some ways that felt easier – but I know that in truth it came with a hardened shell that limited my ability to receive, to feel and well, it also pushed people and life away when I wanted them closer. It’s no longer a viable option but I also have self-compassion because I know it takes maturity, time, perseverance and patience to master the skills to do it differently. 

Life also works with me (even when my thinking says it doesn’t) and keeps giving me the opportunities to continue to strengthen my trust and faith in it, in the universe, in Source. The more I surrender myself to it, the more beauty and abundance I experience, and the more I have the courage to be in the fullest expression of myself instead of hiding and holding myself back. And the more me I am, allows others to do the same, and so together we grow and enjoy more love, joy, abundance and gratitude. 

How does the Human Design Gate 2 play out in your life?

How does the Human Design Gate 2 play out for you? Remember we all have access to this gate whether it is defined or undefined. Some questions to ask yourself include:

  • Do I ask for help when I need it? Why or why not?
  • Do I trust that life will support me in my endeavours? Why or why not?
  • Do I believe that I deserve support? Why or why not?
  • What is my relationship with giving? And receiving?

Meet The Author

Amy Doyle

Amy Doyle

Amy is a Holistic Counsellor who helps her clients move from this idea that they are broken or missing pieces of their own puzzle, to owning their story, claiming back all parts of themselves and merging together as one team to allow them to rest and be in their deepest expression.

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When it comes to Human Design, there are lots of readers out there – some are traditionalists sticking only to the teachings of Ra Uru Hu and others use modern interpretations that offer a simplified version of the teachings. Personally, I love to blend both because I find them valuable in their own ways. 

This content comes from a myriad of sources over the years as I love to learn from others, and the intent is to share from my personal experience in order to spark your curiosity, inner wisdom and ‘ah-ha’ moments.

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